Why Shouldn't I Worry?

Why Shouldn't I Worry?
By Pastor Alexander L. Redd
May 11, 2024

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
(Matthew 6:33)

Understanding the value of something can be a life-changing revelation. It can lead to better decision-making and pave a clearer way forward. So, why does Jesus emphasize seeking the qualities of God's kingdom? The answer is that countless distractions can easily compete with godly virtues in our minds.

Earning something valuable takes time and effort. When we fail, we should try again. Have faith in the Lord and trust the process. We may end up where we were meant to be. Jesus teaches us to prioritize seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness above everything else.
He assures us that when we prioritize God's will, all our needs will be taken care of. It's challenging to live out Christ's message daily, especially with the distractions of everyday life. We all struggle with these distractions, which come in various forms and hinder us from entirely using our gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and strength to pursue the virtues of God's kingdom.
But listen, my friend, you are not alone in this struggle. One common distraction is the pursuit of material possessions and worldly success. Society often encourages you to focus on accumulating wealth, chasing fame, and seeking power and influence.
While these pursuits may seem appealing, they can sway your attention from seeking God's kingdom. However, Jesus offers true fulfillment—aligning our priorities with God's will. It can be daunting when society pressures us to conform to its standards and expectations. And it's possible to meet others' expectations, seeking validation and acceptance.
But doing so drains your focus and diverts your energy and attention away from seeking the virtues of God's kingdom. Jesus invites you to find your worth and identity in Him, letting go of the need for approval from others. Fear and worry can also trap your mind and hinder your ability to seek God's kingdom.

It's also possible to become overwhelmed by worries and concerns about the future, financial stability, or personal goals. These worries distract you from fully trusting God's provision and seeking His righteousness. Jesus encourages you to cast your burdens upon Him and find peace in His presence.

Pursuing personal ambitions and selfish desires can compete with your commitment to seeking God's kingdom. Indeed, you can become consumed by your own agenda, seeking self-glory rather than desiring to honor and serve God. Jesus calls you to surrender your desires to Him and align your heart with His purposes.

Considering all these competing distractions, it is necessary to examine your heart and priorities regularly. Ask yourself: Am I truly seeking God's kingdom and righteousness first? Are there any competing things entangling my mind and hindering my complete devotion to Him?

As you confront the trials and distractions of life, hold fast to the assurance of Matthew 6:33. When you make seeking God's kingdom your utmost priority and pursue His righteousness with all your heart, He will supply your needs.
This promise should infuse you with hope and encouragement in your faith. Fix your gaze on Jesus, seek His kingdom above all else, and embrace the abundant life He has promised you.

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