Keeping Our Promises To God

Keeping Our Promises To God
Pastor Alexander Redd
May 31, 2023

"When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow." (Ecclesiastes 5:4).

As we end May and look forward to an exciting new month, we should remember the importance of fulfilling our promises to God. Ecclesiastes 5:4 reminds us not to delay fulfilling our vows to Him, which may be considered foolish. Breaking promises to God strains trust and can cause negative emotions. God is forgiving, but it's important to take responsibility and make amends, like asking for forgiveness and committing to keeping promises. Failing to keep promises can have serious consequences, but it's never too late to make things right and strengthen your relationship with God.

Just as we expect others to keep their promises to us, we must also keep our promises to God as a sign of respect, faithfulness, and obedience. We may have also made promises to God when setting personal, professional, or familial goals. It's crucial to act quickly and resist the temptation to fulfill these promises promptly. Delayed obedience is viewed as disobedience, and an unfulfilled promise is not truly a promise.

We should use preventative and emergency tactics to avoid giving in to temptation. Preventive tactics involve avoiding tempting situations, while emergency tactics include knowing what to do when tempted. When tempted to do something self-defeating or dishonoring to God, the Bible advises us to "Run from all evil things" (1 Timothy 6:11 NLT). Arguing or fighting with temptation is not productive, and we should instead move away from the situation rapidly.

Avoiding temptation involves staying faithful and strong, like avoiding a cliff to prevent slipping and falling. Christ Jesus is our ultimate model for resisting the enemy (Matthew 4:3). There are a few strategies that can help people manage their impulses. Avoiding environments that may trigger those impulses or limiting the time spent in those environments are effective techniques. Additionally, having an emergency plan, such as calling a trusted friend or practicing meditation, can be helpful when temptation arises. It's important to remember that putting anything before God can turn it into an idol.

In summary, let's enter this new month of June by resolving to keep our promises to God and run from temptation quickly. Remember, running from temptation doesn't mean weakness; you're strong enough to make the right choice for yourself and your well-being.

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