How God's Voice Guides You

How God's Voice Guides You
By Pastor Alexander Redd
March 6, 2024

John 10:27-28

Finding moments of peace and clarity can be challenging in our busy lives. However, those who follow Christ Jesus seek to hear God's voice and listen attentively to His guidance. In John 10:27-28, Jesus reassures us that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. So, what steps are you taking to strengthen your relationship with our sovereign Lord?

Our deepest desire should be to hear God's voice and receive His guidance. Throughout the Bible, there are numerous instances where God communicates with His people, offering them wisdom, comfort, and direction. Psalm 85:8 says, "I will listen to what God the LORD says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants." This verse says that by listening to God's voice, you can experience His peace and find fulfillment in His plans for your life. This experience comes when you are sensitive to His will.

To effectively listen to God's voice, it's important to cultivate spiritual sensitivity by creating space for solitude and silence, away from the world's distractions. In Mark 1:35, we see Jesus Himself seeking a solitary place to pray and commune with the Father. Through prayer, meditation, and reading the Scriptures, you open your heart to God's presence, allowing Him to speak to you in the quietness of your soul. But how do you recognize God's voice?

God speaks to us in various ways, and learning to recognize His voice is vital to spiritual growth. In 1 Kings 19:12, the prophet Elijah experiences God's voice as a gentle whisper, illustrating that God's voice may not always be loud or dramatic but a still, small voice. By aligning your heart with God's Word and seeking His wisdom, you develop a discerning spirit that enables you to distinguish His voice amidst the world's noise. So, what necessitates your closeness to God when you learn to recognize His voice?

Listening to God's voice is not enough; we must also respond in obedience. James 1:22 tells us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. When God speaks, He often calls you to specific actions or changes in your life. Obedience is an act of faith and trust, demonstrating your willingness to surrender your will to God's perfect plan. As you faithfully respond to God's voice, you experience His blessings and see His purpose unfold in your life.

In the early 20th century, a renowned preacher named Oswald Chambers lived. One day, as Chambers was walking through a bustling city, he felt a strong urge to visit a particular bookshop. Confused by this sudden prompting, he hesitated but eventually followed the nudge. Upon entering the shop, Chambers noticed a young man engrossed in a book about spiritual awakening. Striking up a conversation, Chambers discovered the young man was on the brink of despair. Through their encounter, Chambers shared the love of Christ and led the young man to faith, forever changing his life. When you listen to God's voice and act in obedience, you become instruments of His grace, impacting the lives of others in profound ways.

Listening to God's voice is an ongoing path of faith and surrender. By cultivating spiritual sensitivity, recognizing His voice, and responding in obedience, you can experience profound guidance and peace from aligning your life with God's will. Commit to creating room for silence and actively seeking His voice, knowing that as you listen, you draw closer to the heart of your Almighty God. May your life be marked by a deep and abiding connection with God as you faithfully follow the footsteps of Christ Jesus, who said, "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).

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