Living My Dad's Wisdom

Living My Dad's Wisdom
By Pastor Alexander Redd
November 6, 2023

Some people believe that wisdom comes from personal experiences and learning, but it is also possible to gain knowledge from the teachings of those who came before us. This is true for me, as my father, a Baptist minister, taught me a lot about life. Although he passed away in 2014, his teachings still guide me.

"Son, once there's breath, seek high-minded things to benefit you and others." Those parting words before his demise are a fulcrum of ingredients that drive me to remain positive, hopeful, and joyful in my spirit. My dad, Joseph Garyeazon Redd, was a minister at the Freeway Baptist Church in Iron Factory, Liberia, and he was great at connecting with people and helping them through his words.

His delivery of God's Word was not just religious talks; they were deep and meaningful, combining biblical teachings with practical advice. One of my dad's favorite teachings was from Philippians 4:8 in the Bible, which states that we should focus on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. This verse was very important to him and guided his life. Liberia has had a lot of problems, and people there needed leaders to give them hope.

He believed that to change and improve truly, people need to focus on sound and noble thoughts. My dad taught me always to seek the truth and to be honest and fair, no matter what. He showed me the importance of being pure in thought and action and reminded me to always look for the good in others and to be loving and compassionate.

He also taught me to focus on things that are worthy of praise and to be positive, even when things are tough. He wanted me to inspire others and always try my best. Although my dad is no longer here, his teachings continue to guide me, shaping who I am and showing me how to live a meaningful life.

I live by his teachings and share them with others, hoping to honor my dad's memory and make a positive impact, just like he did. Living by my dad's teachings is about more than just learning from them; it is about embodying them in my daily life. That is why I strive to be a reflection of the values he instilled in me - truth, honesty, justice, purity, and love.

By practicing these virtues, I can make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to a better world. One of the most valuable lessons my dad taught me was the power of forgiveness. He often spoke about the importance of letting go of grudges and embracing forgiveness as a means of healing and personal growth.

This teaching has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to release negative emotions and cultivate empathy towards others. Another teaching that resonates with me is the idea of resilience in the face of adversity. My dad believed that challenges were growth opportunities and that perseverance was the key to overcoming them.

He encouraged me never to give up, even when faced with insurmountable obstacles. This mindset has helped me go through difficult times and has given me the strength to overcome setbacks. In addition to these teachings, my dad emphasized the importance of self-reflection and introspection with the Bible as the guide.

He believed that true wisdom comes from understanding oneself and constantly striving for personal growth. Through journaling and deep contemplation, I have learned to assess my actions, thoughts, and emotions, allowing me to make conscious choices that align with my values.

I am grateful for the wisdom my dad imparted, and I carry his teachings wherever I go. They are a compass, guiding me through life's ups and downs. While I may not always have all the answers, I know that by following the principles he taught me, I can weather any situation with grace and integrity.

In a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, the teachings of those who came before us provide a timeless source of wisdom. They remind us that we are part of a larger tapestry of humanity, connected through the shared experiences and insights of those who have walked this path before us. As I continue to grow and learn, I will always cherish my dad's teachings and honor his memory by living a life that reflects the wisdom he passed down to me.

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