Appreciate Kindness and Share Love: Grow in the Spirit

Appreciate Kindness, Share Love: Growing a Spirit of Acceptance.
By PastorAlexander Redd
 September 29, 2023
"We should remember that we all will have to answer to God, so let's stop judging each other" (Romans 14:12-13 NIV).

With so many different opinions and beliefs worldwide, it is easy to mistake respect for agreement. This is a misunderstanding that we, as followers of Christ, need to clear up. Today's world is full of all sorts of actions and attitudes, many of which may go against our faith and personal beliefs.

But even with these differences, we should respect each other — even if we think someone is doing something wrong. Why?

First, we must remember that everyone will have to answer to God for their attitudes, behaviors, and actions. God's justice will win in the end, and we all will be responsible for what we've done.

Second, we must understand that we are not here to judge others. People we disagree with are responsible to God, not us. We're not called to force our beliefs on others.

The Bible tells us that true obedience to God comes from having a relationship with Him. Romans 14:12-13 NIV says, "We all will have to answer to God. So, let's stop judging each other."

Telling the truth is not the same as judging. If someone does something against the Bible, pointing it out isn't judgment — it's just telling the truth. But using the truth to look down on others and make ourselves look better is judgment. Remember, you can disagree without being mean.

Unfortunately, some of the rudest people I've met have been passionate Christians who value truth more than kindness. Remember, you might be right about something, but if you're rude, you're wrong.

You're missing the point if your words don't show love when you're telling the truth. Jesus watches how we treat those He died for. So, let's aim to show His love in everything we do, encouraging a spirit of acceptance and respect among us and others.

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