Why Must We Watch and Pray?

Why Must We Watch and Pray?
By Pastor Alexander Redd
August 29, 2023

"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41).

"Watch and pray" is a common phrase used in Christian theology based on verses found in the New Testament. For example, in our devotional text of Matthew 26:41.

When Jesus says to "watch," He often refers to being vigilant and aware of our spiritual condition, the world around us, and the signs of the times. It could mean to be mindful of the temptations and pitfalls that can lead us away from God's will or to keep an eye out for ways to serve and love others. It's about being spiritually alert and not complacent or falling asleep spiritually.

Prayer, on the other hand, is communication with God. It's a time to express our hearts to God, confess our sins, ask for help, express gratitude, seek guidance, and intercede for others. Prayer is also a time of listening, where we quiet our minds and hearts to hear from God.

Living in a world with many distractions, heartache, and pain makes watching and praying more challenging but also more important. "Watching" in this context means being aware of these challenges' effects on our spiritual life and not allowing them to draw us away from God. It is also about being alert to the needs of others around us who may be suffering and need love and support.

Prayer provides us the means to bring our concerns, worries, and fears to God, seeking His comfort, guidance, and peace amidst the troubles. It provides a platform to seek divine wisdom in handling financial mess, personal issues, and more. Also, praying for others is a way to extend our empathy and love.

Yes, we can find hope in watching and praying. Even though we live in a troubled world, these practices keep us connected to God, remind us of His promises, and help us to live out His commands. They can give us the strength to endure, the peace to remain calm, and the hope to look forward to a better future. The hope comes from believing in God's sovereignty, faithfulness, and promise never to leave or forsake those who trust Him.

It's important to note that we must take practical steps while watching and praying to address our problems. God often works through natural means, and while prayer is powerful and necessary, it should be coupled with action. For example, in the case of financial difficulties, prayer should accompany sensible budgeting, seeking financial advice, and making necessary lifestyle changes.

Taking practical steps alongside watching and praying demonstrates our faith in God's provision and guidance. It shows that we trust Him to make wise decisions and take responsibility for our circumstances.

In addition, watching and praying can also lead to personal growth and transformation. As we remain vigilant in our spiritual lives and communicate with God regularly, we become more attuned to His voice and His will for our lives. We become more aware of our weaknesses and areas needing improvement, and through prayer, we can ask for His strength and guidance to overcome them.

Furthermore, watching and praying can also deepen our relationship with God. Through these practices, we draw closer to Him, seeking His presence and guidance in our daily lives. It is an opportunity to cultivate intimacy with our Creator and profoundly experience His love, grace, and mercy.

Ultimately, watching and praying is a lifelong journey of faith and obedience. It requires discipline, perseverance, and a genuine desire to seek God's will above our own. As we commit ourselves to this practice, we can experience the transformative power of God's presence in our lives, finding hope, peace, and purpose in Him.

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