Christ Jesus Calls You

Christ Jesus Calls You
By Pastor Alexander Redd
July 31, 2023

"He has saved us and called us to a holy life — not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace." (2 Timothy 1:10).

In Christianity, being called by Christ Jesus holds a significant spiritual significance. It signifies a heavenly request or invitation from Jesus to establish a personal connection with Him and to become His follower. This call is based on God's love and kindness and entails acknowledging and fulfilling His intentions and plans for our lives. Below are some biblical references and practical examples that explain the essence of being called by Christ.

1. Biblical References:
   a. Matthew 4:18-22 - Jesus called Simon Peter and Andrew, James, and John, inviting them to become fishers of men.
   b. Matthew 9:9 - Jesus called Matthew (Levi), a tax collector, to follow Him and become one of His disciples.
   c. Mark 2:14 - Jesus called Levi (Matthew) while he was sitting at the tax booth, and he left everything to follow Jesus.
   d. John 15:16 - Jesus tells His disciples that He chose and appointed them to bear fruit and that their fruit should remain.

2. What can you do after Christ calls you?
   a. Conversion: Many people experience a profound calling when they encounter Jesus and commit their lives to Him. They are transformed by His love, forgiveness, and grace, and they respond by repenting of their sins and embracing a new life in Christ.
   b. Discipleship: Being called involves an ongoing commitment to follow Jesus and learn from Him. It entails developing a personal relationship with Him, studying His teachings, and imitating His character and example daily.
   c. Serving Others: The call of Jesus often includes a call to serve others. This can involve various forms of ministry, such as preaching, teaching, healing, caring for the needy, or using our gifts and talents to bless others.
   d. Mission and Purpose: Christ's call may also involve a specific mission or purpose for our lives. This could be a vocation, a ministry, or a particular role within the Church or society. It requires discernment, prayer, and a willingness to surrender our plans to God's will.

It's important to note that the specific nature of the call and its practical outworking may vary for each individual as the Holy Spirit empowers various gifts. However, the common thread is the invitation to a personal relationship with Jesus, a life of discipleship, and a commitment to fulfill God's purposes in the world.

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